About Us

Oak & Land Property is a property investment company operating within the UK market since 2021. We purchase properties that require refurbishment where we can add value through our expertise and resources. We bring properties back to market for tenants, families and homeowners. We source property ourselves and in collaboration with our partners. Some of the property deals that we secured we also offer to fellow investors who have registered their interests to us. We have a strict benchmark, our detailed analysis and due diligence are performed prior us securing any transaction. With any property deal, we have more than two exit strategies in case of a change of circumstances or market conditions.

We pride ourselves on the investments we have taken since 2021, our power team and our established network of seasoned property investors and local service partners, next to our knowledge of the UK property market.

Our Services


We pass property deals that we cannot absorb ourselves to investors that have registered their interest. Join our investor list for free using the form here


We are happy to learn your investment or sourcing needs, and to provide what we can do to meet your objectives on a 1-on-1 basis. You will be part of our VIP investor list and will enjoy priority access to our deals 24 hours earlier.


Several forms of investment are available, from passive investing to joint venture. We’d be happy to explore your goals and depending on the projects that we have from time to time, if one can fulfil them. Please be in touch.